Building Alterations in Cheltenham | How House Extensions Improve Homes

Based in Cheltenham, Newman Construction is a professional building that proudly serves homeowners across Gloucestershire. Our trusted builders are skilled in a range of building services, including:

  • Basement Conversions

  • Building Alterations

  • Garage Conversions

  • House Extensions (Including Rear Extensions)

  • Property Renovations

If you want to learn more about the quality of our construction work, please visit our testimonials page. Here, you can find customer reviews of our basement conversion projects, property renovations, garage remodels and various other building services.

Whether it’s garage conversions or basement conversions, Newman Construction is adept at expanding the living spaces of Gloucestershire properties. On this page, we delve into the benefits of house extensions, specifically tailored to enhance our customers' properties in Cheltenham and the surrounding areas.


All Kinds of Extensions for All Kinds of Customers

The first thing to say about extensions is that they can be highly versatile compared to other building alterations. From side returns to wraparounds, from double-storey extensions to rear extensions, there are various well-defined types of extensions that can enhance your property based on how it’s designed. Whether or not you have one already in mind, our builders can suggest an extension to suit your property, depending on your unique needs for the project.

Avoid Moving House

When space is at a premium in your existing property, some may immediately jump to the conclusion that they need to up sticks and find a larger house to live in. However, with a property extension, you can add the living space you need without the hassle of moving house. Stay put and enjoy a bigger property without uprooting yourself and your family.

A Tailored New Space

Just like with a garage remodel or basement conversion project, a house extension is an opportunity to let your creative side run wild. You have the freedom to design a bespoke living space that can improve the everyday functionality of your property or simply make it a more enjoyable place to live. Some people choose to build a new dining room; others create a special interest area such as a cinema room; you could construct a new home office for quiet and productive work. Whatever you need an extension for, you can achieve it with the help of professional builders like us at Newman Construction.

Added Property Value

Lastly, one thing that’s true for all our customers in and around Cheltenham is that they all want a good return on investment for their home improvements. Whether it’s garage conversions, basement conversions, building alterations or house extensions, you can expect to increase the value of your Gloucestershire-based property. A home extension is undeniably a desirable asset to prospective house buyers, so you can expect to add 10-20% to your property’s market value. This is pretty advantageous if you’re investing in an extension project with a view to selling your property in the future.

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